About Us


Several years ago Steve Fisher started working on vehicles out of his barn with his father in Allendale.  After gaining several customers through word of mouth, he knew he was going to need a bigger shop to better serve the customer. In 1991 we moved into our current location of Chicago Dr and New Holland. Steve handled the customers and his dad (Doc) rebuilt the transmissions.  Then once Steve’s son, Nick, was old enough to pick up a broom, he started working too.   Nick worked at the shop outside of middle school, high school, and college. He has since been working with his dad ever since. Nick graduated from GVSU with a general business degree in hopes to improve the capabilities and services of the business. Steve and Nick now run the shop together and are still growing the same customer base that is built from word of mouth.  We plan to move out of our current location and expand to our new property (just down the road) to better serve the growing customer base. We strive to keep the customer happy and try to keep things moving along as quick as possible. We realize that having your transportation down is not something anyone wants, so we’re here to help!