Rebuilding: We rebuild around 10-20 transmissions per week in house. We keep several popular units in stock on the shelf ready to go for quicker turn-around time for ourselves and the customer. We understand that down time costs the customer. All of our rebuilds come with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty (Unless otherwise noted)
If you are a customer or a shop, we are happy to “bench build” your transmission, if you would like to remove and reinstall yourself. Every rebuild comes with a new rebuilt torque converter. We work with several shops in West Michigan (From Holland to Grand Rapids) to rebuild their transmissions for them. We are also able to pick up the vehicle from your shop, and return it back to your shop to keep the relationship between you and your customer intact.
We rebuild Automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, transfer cases, and front and rear differentials. We are also able to deliver the transmission when requested.

Other work: We also have the capability of doing other maintenance/work on vehicles outside of transmission work. We can change your brakes, wheel bearings, clutch jobs, full drivetrain fluid change, tune-ups, air conditioning, engine swaps, front end suspension rebuilding, axle replacement, lift kits, you name it. This work can also be completed while your vehicle is in the shop if it is noted when you bring it in.
We realize that it can be helpful to the customer to address other issues while the vehicle is being worked on. Ask us for a quote today!

Towing: We have a full size International 4300 flat bed which we built around 2004 to open up the opportunity to haul vehicles to our shop when they are not able to be driven. If requested we will write an invoice for you so your insurance company can reimburse you for the tow. Our tow truck hauls small compacts to full size dually pick ups.  We hope this makes things easier for you when the vehicle is not able to be driven to our location.