Transmission rebuilding

Automatic or manual, we have a wide variety or transmissions we can rebuild for you. We rebuild most transmissions in house and provide a 2 year Unlimited mile warranty unless otherwise noted.  We use the same parts as what the manufacturer recommends, and often have some modifications we have discovered to help prolong the life of your transmission.  We also have many common transmissions on the shelf rebuilt and ready to go.  This provides the customer with quick turn around time to get you back up and on the road again.

Transmission Maintenance

Most manufacturers recommend servicing your transmission every 50,000-70,000 miles, varying by manufacturer.  We provide this service to all makes and models, we offer transmission fluid and filter changes, drain and fills, and transmission flush outs.  This will help prolong the life of your transmission and give you peace of mind to see if there are any issues in the transmission when the fluid is changed.

Bench Rebuilding


If you would like to remove and install your own unit, we offer the option to bring your transmission, transfer case, or differential in to our location to have us rebuild or repair it. This can save you labor costs of having us remove and reinstall your transmission.  We provide our same warranty on the transmission provided it was installed properly by the customer.

Repair Shops

If you are an automotive repair facility we can rebuild your transmission or you can sub the whole job out to us if you do not want to deal with removing the transmission.  We work with several shops in the area that do this already and are happy to work with you.  Please give us a call, or shoot us a e-mail and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the services we provide.  We provide the same warranty on the transmission provided it was installed properly. We can also pick up and return the vehicle or unit to your location to make it easier for you.

Four wheel Drive & Transfer Case Rebuilds and Maintenance

We also offer rebuilding your transfer case from resealing to a full rebuild.  Whether it is making noise, not engaging 4WD or skipping, we can give you a diagnosis on what is wrong and give you options of rebuilding, replacing, or whatever may be needed. We can also change the fluid in the transfer case while we have it here for a transmission service if you request for a added fee.

Differential rebuilding

Is your vehicle humming or whining while going down the road?  We rebuild differentials in house, whether it needs bearings and seals, gears, ratio changes.  We can do these all in the vehicle so you do not need to remove the whole axle.  We also replace U-Joints and can repair your driveshaft if it needs attention.  Please stop by with your vehicle to have us take a listen to the vehicle to see if it may be in your differential or someplace else in the drive train.

General repair and maintenance

Outside of our drive line service we are able to offer other repairs on your vehicle.  We offer a wide array of knowledge for repairs such as:

-Engine tune ups

-Wheel bearing replacements

-Brake Service

-Tire replacement rotation and balancing

-Air Conditioning service

-Engine Replacement

-Suspension Component repair or replacement

-Alternator/Power Steering/Water pump service