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2018 Ford C Max Hybrid 12,000 miles NO ACCIDENTS PRICED UNDER TRADE IN – $12900


Selling a like new 2018 Ford CMax Hybrid hatchback with only 12,000 original miles. The color is Pearl white with ceramic/black cloth interior. This is a hybrid, and these cars are easily capable of 40 mpg average. There is a lot of space in the rear hatch for storage since the rear seats fold down. This car has bluetooth, power windows/locks, A/C, keyless entry, automatic headlamps, and power drivers seat. This car was just under $26,000 when new. The car is priced $5,000 below bluebook and is actually priced under trade in value.

Why so cheap? The car has a rebuilt/reconstructed title due to a tree branch falling on the rear decklid. No flood, no powertrain damage, no frame damage. We buy fix and sell new to nearly new Ford vehicles to provide a great vehicle at a highly discounted price to keep inventory flowing. We have done over 200 vehicles in the past 7 years, and we have been in the automotive repair business for the last 28 years under the same ownership and location. We stand behind our work if any issues arise. The decklid was replaced and there was a dent next to the tailgate that was repaired as well, no damage to the roof. The car is very clean inside and out with the exception of a few minor scratches that were touched up on the exterior, and one smaller dent at the bottom of the drivers door exterior.


Loans? Check local credit unions, or check online bank Sun Trust, as they will loan full amount. I send many of my customers to as they are very easy to work with and meet or beat credit unions rates.

Warranty? Factory warranty is void, but if there are any issues after purchase, we will take care of them for the customer. Recalls are still covered by the manufacturer.

Resale? All cars are depreciating assets, this is just purchased at a much lower price

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Looking for a new vehicle?  We’ve been selling several vehicles over the last 10 years and strive to make our customers happy with their purchases.  The majority of the vehicles have rebuilt/reconstructed  titles because they’ve been in an accident.    We rebuild and repair them to look and drive like new again.  This way our customers can purchase like-new vehicles with low miles at a much lower cost.  If you are looking for a particular vehicle please contact us and we would be happy to work with you.