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Looking for a new vehicle?  We’ve been selling several vehicles over the last 10 years and strive to make our customers happy with the vehicles they purchase.

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE 41 mpg $4000 Under blue book – $12000


2017 Fusion with 47,700 miles. Clean inside and out, non smoker. It is the hybrid which does great on fuel for a midsize sedan (41 mpg) Rides great, brand new Nexen tires. Has push button start, power windows/locks, cruise control, alloy wheels, power seats. Blue book is $15,924. These are a great commuter car, or a great car if you are paid miles through work.

The car does have a rebuilt title due to light damage to the drivers fender and door. They were both replaced with color matching parts. We were able to unbolt the fender and door and replace with no adjustment needed, did not even get into body. Ran and drove with damage, have pictures of the damage. We specialize in repairing new to nearly new Ford vehicles. We have done over 200 2011-2019 Ford vehicles in the last 8 years. We have been in our current location under the same ownership for 28 years. We stand behind our work and strive for satisfied customers. You cannot tell the car has been damaged or repaired.

If you are looking for financing check sun trust bank (online bank), they will loan full value.

Insurance is the same as a clear title